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Dyslexia Network

Dyslexia Network​ is here to support children and adults with literacy and/or numeracy difficulties. We have bases in Harrogate, York, Hull, Lincolnshire and Newark. We support learners within our centres and at home or at University. We offer a number of different types of assessments to suit the needs of the learner at that time of their lives. We pride ourselves on delivering a flexible, supportive service.  Collectively our teachers have over 100 years of experience. All the teachers have either Level 5 or Level 7  qualifications in teaching SpLD ( Dyslexia); many assessors have their Assessing Practicing Certificate. We pride ourselves in the support we deliver and the advice we provide.

Who are we?

Dyslexia Network is led by Catherine Wright the former Regional Manager of Dyslexia Action. Catherine and a number of specialist teachers, assessors and Consultant Psychologists have come together to deliver professional services across Yorkshire, the Humber, Newark and Lincolnshire.   

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