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Awareness session

Employees with dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties form a valuable part of the workforce schools and institutions, sometimes possessing exceptional visual, creative and spatial skills. Dyslexia Network can deliver awareness sessions to increase understanding for teacher, assistants, employees and management .

Awareness sessions can be invaluable in creating a positive environment and helping colleagues to understand difficulties that employees and students may be facing and make changes to the school delivery and  the working processes accordingly. Making organisations dyslexia-friendly could reduce stress, increase attainment and increase staff turnover as well as improve motivation, loyalty and efficiency.

Awareness sessions in school can increase a teachers ability to be fully inclusive and enable all your learners to achieve their full potential.

Awareness Sessions

Hidden disabilities awareness sessions can be delivered as a twilight lesson, half day or full day, depending on the level of detail an employer,school or institution would prefer. The full day will include more interactive sessions, providing opportunities to develop deeper understanding of the factors that surround hidden disabilities and to promote team building, heightening mindfulness of colleagues’ potential needs. The awareness sessions are tailored and can include:

• What dyslexia is

• What other hidden disabilities might co-exist with dyslexia

• How a person with dyslexia may feel and the barriers they may face in the workplace

• The positive aspects of dyslexia

• Some guidance on how to identify difficulties and how to help an employee when dyslexia is causing difficulties at work

• The Equality Act 2010 and how it relates to dyslexia

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