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Catherine Wright

 MA AMBDA Dip in SpLD (Dyslexia) BPS MDG CCET Cert Ed

Masters Degree in Disability Studies – University of Huddersfield

Associate Member of the British Dyslexia Association

Member of the British Psychological Society

Diploma in Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia) The Hornsby Institute


I trained as a dyslexia assessor and tutor because of my daughter Hannah, she was having difficulties at school and we found she was dyslexic at the age of 8. During my training I also found out that I was dyslexic as well. I find this is an advantage now because I can understand what my students are going through.

I have worked with and assessed people for Dyslexia for over twenty years now. Initially I specialised in supporting and assessing college students, which I enjoyed. Many of the students that reached further education had ‘fallen through the net’ at school and the college enabled me to provide them them with small group and one to one support that they really needed. I then continued to work in colleges in middle and senior management roles but still took the opportunity to teach and assess as much as I could. However, this contact with the students was not enough for me so I then took the role as the Principal for Dyslexia Action in Lincoln. This was a role I loved, I was able to manage a team whilst teaching and assessing. I taught many younger children from the age of 5 upwards and started to work with adults, carrying out work place consultations and delivering awareness sessions.

I then became the Regional Manager for Dyslexia Action which expanded my team and enabled me to work with all the Area Managers (an excellent team of dedicated teachers). I have worked with Dyslexia Action for 7 years when the charities finances were hit by the recession.

I set up Dyslexia Network working with a team of dedicated teachers across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. Alongside the former Area Managers of Dyslexia Action we set up the National Dyslexia Network, a not for profit company. We would like to be able to offer support and assessments at a reduced cost for people that cannot pay the fees and continue the good work Dyslexia Network carried out.

I work in a number a number of schools as well as at the Harrogate, York, Hull and Newark Centres. I arrange and manage the school and university contracts and deliver a variety of awareness sessions for schools and organisation including, Dyslexia Awareness, Dyscalculia, Spelling strategies and Assessing Students in School.

What do enjoy the most: - teaching and seeing students faces when they ‘get it’ and are enjoying the lesson

Greatest Achievement: - Giving birth to twins.

Proudest moment: - daughter with dyslexia graduating as a commissioned officer in the RAF.

Hobbies :- ( what hobbies) swimming given the chance.

Company registration number 10733128

VAT number

 286 4238 75


All Offices: 0800 6126518

Mobile: 07828232300

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